What’s in my bag?

This is what’s in my bag, it’s a fun tagging game that Raven (postcardfromsomewhere) began to let her followers get to know he a bit better. She tagged me so I decided I’d join in on the fun. If you were tagged in this post, you should do your own and then tag 10 more people. And if you weren’t, just do it anyway :)

This is my current purse. I got it from TJ Mac’s for like $20 and while I’m not sure if its brand name or not (who cares, right?), I love it to bits. It fits SO much and the strap is long enough for it to be a side bag which I love.

I’m obsessed with jewellry and always have a stash of some of it in my purse. The charm bracelet was actually a present from Dave (my boyfriend) for Christmas last year.

I’m obsessed with lipstick and lip balm. I also have an unhealthy obsession with old keys and owls (hence why the lip balm looks like an owl and why the compact mirror is covered in keys).

My Oakley’s are my favorite, they’re aquamarine and cat-eyed. I got them in LA the last time I went and entirely fell in love with them.

These are the keys to my lovely 2000 Volkswagen Golf named Hunter. I love him to death.

My lovely Blackberry Curve which actually doesn’t have a name. As much as I love my Blackberry, I really would like to upgrade to an iphone by Christmas.

Fun fact: it’s the only one of my electronics that doesn’t have a name.

This is my charger for my macbook pro that I bring with me everywhere (just in case) and also the plug in for my ipod touch for my computer. If you haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with my electronics.

You can’t see it but my background is definitely Larry Stylinson.

My wallet. It’s Jimmy choo and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. It holds so much and is stylish at the same time :)

Tea is my drug of choice.

Not but seriously, I am unhealthily addicted. I always carry it with me just in case I get a craving.

My mom just handed a crap load of Starbucks cards to me the other day and I’m not complaining. It’s fun though cus I have no idea how much is on each card, it’s always a guessing game.

Also, I get a starbucks at least once a day.

My fav orders:

1. grande non fat chai tea latte (iced or not)

2. grande non fat green tea latte, half sweet

I can’t go anywhere without mascara and my revlon colorstay black liquid liner pen (I’m obsessed with cat eyes if you haven’t been able to tell in pictures or videos). Just in case I need a touch up.

My ipod touch. It’s my heaven and earth because I don’t have an iphone yet. It’s name is also Juan. (Get it?)

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