crimson madness - a serial killer! au one direction part 9 (larry stylinson)

One of the boys has a unquenchable thirst for the darkness.

In this series, you’ll see into the mind of a deranged killer who just also happens to be a member of the famous boy band, One Direction. 

But the question is, which one is it?

(Note: This series will also feature Larry Stylinson)

Competitiveness was a part of his nature, something he couldn’t deny but this was different. He never liked to meet fellow dwellers of the darkness face to face but he did keep up with the news to see who was active and to see what he had to contend with. It wasn’t about comparing the trail he had left behind compared to others; it was about keeping his trails growing skillfully larger while others were being caught every day for carelessness. He was on an entirely different level than most killers but he could tell that this was different.

His friend had been kidnapped outside of the concert, the high level of risk involved told him that this wasn’t an amateur; this was someone who knew exactly when to strike and how to do so discretely. People don’t disappear without a trace unless you can perform it flawlessly and that is an incredible rarity.

He had never captured his victims before; he found more pleasure in the luring and the trapping or even the random opportunity than an aggressive approach like kidnapping. It wasn’t that he wasn’t capable of it, it just didn’t appeal to him, which told him he might also be out of his depth with the kind of opponent he would be dealing with.

But he wasted no time in taking action, but first he knew he would need a disguise and a good one at that. Peroxide seemed to be the quickest option considering there was no wig shops around the neighborhood and going into a hair salon would instantly be asking for attention. So, he picked up the bleach and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses that were much stronger than his own prescription but would do the job of disguising his eyes.

It all felt a bit trivial but he couldn’t help but find great curiosity and thrill in this new hunt. It was entirely foreign to him, to be looking for something so… specific. He prided himself in his taste for the random victims but this…this was much more than that, he wasn’t only going in for a kill, he was protecting someone as well. It made him feel like a twisted sort of hero and it sent ecstatic shivers down his spine.

Looking in the mirror, he pulled on the gloves and placed a towel over his shoulder. He proceeded to apply the peroxide to his hair, letting it sit for a while as he sat down on the edge of the motel room bed. He knew he wouldn’t be able to move again until night time which made him itch with anticipation but there was nothing to be done but waiting in idling eagerness, waiting for the color to be stripped from his hair as vengeful darkness raged in his heart.

CM ~ CM ~ CM ~ CM ~ CM

“I can’t do this.” Harry murmured to his own reflection.

He had managed to escape from the confines of the room by faking a stomachache. He needed to be alone, if only for a few moments. Niall and Zayn had fallen asleep, although Harry couldn’t even begin to understand how anyone could sleep knowing that their friends were out there in some psycho’s possession.

But it was more than that for Harry; he couldn’t lose Louis when everything had just started. This shouldn’t be happening when what they had together was still so new. In that moment, Harry realized the extent of his feelings for Louis, the absolute length to what he would go through to save his best friend and the person he loved.


It was such a strong word but it was the only way that Harry could use to describe the immense amount of anxiety and utter despair that he was feeling because Louis was gone.

But he couldn’t lose hope, not in the least. It was far too early to grieve or lose faith. Louis and Liam weren’t gone, they were just… taken. They could come back, they would come back.

A wave of actual sickness rushed through Harry, hitting him hard with the thought of what sort of sick fuck would kidnap two of their best friends and feel absolutely no remorse about it.

What kind of person could just act so darkly without seeing the consequences?

Harry wouldn’t accept it. He was going to find Louis and Liam, no matter what it took. Even if it meant disobeying their order to stay inside of the hotel room. He would have to escape.

Losing Louis would shatter him and he wasn’t ready to fall to pieces. He looked himself firmly in the eyes in the mirror and nodded determinedly.

He was going to get out.

CM ~ CM ~ CM ~ CM ~ CM

The morning sun leaked in through the small window, stirring him awake. He had drool on his chin and he wiped it away with one hand.

His hands were free.

Surprised, he pulled the room into focus, re-evaluating his situation. He wasn’t naïve enough to have thought he would simply wake up in his own bed and pass it up as a bad nightmare. The pain reminded him where he was.

His stretched his fingers out but saw that his feet were still bound.

“It’s so you can eat.” Clarissa’s voice directed as she emerged from the shadows.

As much as he wanted to scream out or claw at her, he remained reserved. He knew it was the only way that he had a chance at getting away from the insane woman who had kidnapped him.

“Don’t you like oatmeal?” She questioned, kicking the bowl so that it was close to him.

It was plain but he wasn’t about to turn his nose up from it, it was sustinence and he needed his strength. He dug into the sticky blandness and shoveled it into his mouth with fervor.

Once he was done, he looked up to her and she smiled at him, “Well aren’t you cooperative today. I guess you finally see how this works then.”

He put the bowl down beside him, “Of course, I really am sorry for the way that I acted before. I was out of line.”

The lies felt like acid on his tongue but he spat them out anyway, knowing they were necessary. It was important for him to appear weak to his captor so that he could take advantage of any moment that she might let her guard down.

“Thank you.” She answered, even though she didn’t sound quite convinced. “We’ve got quite the day ahead of us, you’re in the news, you know. We’re famous.”

“Is that a good thing?” He asked out of curiosity.

If he could find her motive, maybe he could use it to manipulate her.

“No press is bad press, am I right?” Clarissa responded, smirking at him in a way that made his stomach churn with disgust. “And anyway, you’re just a decoy, what I really want is coming my way, I can feel it.”

He wasn’t sure whether this was good or bad news. The one thing it guaranteed was that he’d be kept alive until whatever she wanted arrived. He just hoped he had enough time to escape her before it did come.

“I can’t wait.” He shared brightly, with what seemed like the last scrap of positivity he could muster before exhausting himself.

“Well, I’m going to leave you alone for a while, I have a lot to prepare for when he gets here. But first I have to send a little message.” She explained, skipping away from him with a gleeful look in her eyes.

Once she had mounted the stairs, he let out a sigh of relief, thankful to have a moment to himself where he didn’t have to uphold a ridiculous charade.

But a question plagued his mind: who was he?

CM ~ CM ~ CM ~ CM ~ CM

His new hair took a minute or so to adjust to but it seemed like a change for the better. It gave him a fresh outlook, even though it was just a physical change. Little things could mean the world if you made them.

He needed to determine where the captor was and he couldn’t wait to do so.

It was midafternoon which mean he still had a while to wait but he busied himself with research to waste away the time. He searched forums for kidnapping plots, gossip websites for any sort of rumors but all of it remained inconclusive.

In a whirl of exasperation, he turned on the television and bathed in its mind numbing distraction until suddenly another breaking news report took over the channel.

“Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it seems like there has been a development in the kidnapping of the two band members of One Direction. Twenty minutes ago police received a call to the anonymous tip line from the captor. They want to share this message publicly: ‘Let’s play. I admire your resume. Yours changes while mine remains the same. A blade. Don’t disappoint me or I won’t hesitate to press record.’ If anyone has any related information to the meaning of this message, please contact the local police as soon as possible.”

It suddenly all made sense. His competitor wasn’t a competitor at all, they were a fan. Not of his music career but of his trail of killings. Competitors you could change, fanatic behavior was much more dangerous than that.

And then he remembered her.

Now, when he knew something, he trusted himself inherently because there really was no way he could be wrong. The message only confirmed a writhing thought that had been just below the surface but now was fully in the light.

The girl from the V.I.P. lounge; he recalled sensing that he wasn’t alone at the party. Her energy had been different, driven by fantasy rather than a concrete mission like his endeavors always were.

Now that he more to go in he knew it wouldn’t take long to find her and then he would free his friend and take her life. Everything seemed to be unfolding properly but then he stepped out of rush of everything and noticed something she suspicious about her message: ‘Don’t disappoint me or I won’t hesitate to press record’.

She knew of his trophies. How could she know such a personal thing? He dug his hand into his pocket to seek comfort in the touch of the recorder and was relieved to see that it was still present.

Maybe she was more dangerous than he had anticipated but that didn’t dilute his craving even a little bit, perhaps it even intensified it.

As soon as night fell, he would find her and he would save his friend.

CM ~ CM ~ CM ~ CM ~ CM

Harry was going insane in the detainment of the hotel room with Paul’s eyes always on him. He just needed out, this was confirmed when the announcement of the message from the captor was released on the news.

It sickened Harry down to the bone but something felt shockingly familiar about it. He wracked his brain for whatever the connection might be and when the memory rose to the surface, he was shocked.

The girl from the club who had threatened them with a knife. The message was from her, Harry just knew it.

“Oh god…” He breathed out in horror.

Niall and Zayn gave him a surprised look and the blond asked, “What’s wrong mate?”

“N-nothing.” Harry blurted, wanting to advantage of the information to himself. He really didn’t want to get Niall and Zayn involved in his plan; they would only try to stop them.

With sympathy in their eyes, Niall and Zayn respected Harry’s privacy and turned back to face the television again.

Harry balled his fists up, a new sense of determination in his heart, he had to act quickly or he might never get away from the constant supervision. He had a duty to perform: he had to save Louis and Liam. While he didn’t understand her entire message, he knew the urgency of her intention. She wouldn’t hesitate to kill them if she didn’t get what she wanted and maybe, just maybe Harry could get there before she did.

He knew the perfect tactic to escape: he took to Twitter and released the hotel room number they were in and waited for the chaos to ensue.

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